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Established in 1919, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FAMENA) at the University of Zagreb is the leading institution in the Republic of Croatia in terms of scientific research, education and expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, naval architecture, aeronautical engineering, and more recently one of the leaders in mechatronics and robotics. It provides teaching excellence in engineering sciences educating future engineers in the area of high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, taught by highly qualified teachers from 14 departments and 42 chairs, practical knowledge is an important component of the education at the Faculty and it can be acquired both in 54 laboratories and through intensive collaboration with industry. The Faculty has approximately 500 staff. 350 of them are teaching and research staff from full professors to junior researchers and research assistants. There are now over 2,500 students enrolled in the study programmes. The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in four courses of study: mechanical engineering, naval architecture, aerospace engineering and mechatronics and robotics. These programs are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as opportunities to gain practical experience through internships, industry collaborations and research projects. Upon graduation, our students are equipped to embark on prosperous careers in established domains such as engineering design, process and energy engineering, production engineering, naval and aeronautical engineering, industrial management, engines and transportation machinery, and materials engineering. Beyond these established fields, they are also well-prepared for interdisciplinary and cutting-edge areas of science and technology, including mechatronics and robotics, computer engineering and simulations, quality assurance, metrology, nanotechnologies, and biomedical engineering.

The postgraduate doctoral program at our Faculty prepares students for advanced scientific work in the field of technical sciences, encompassing mechanical engineering, naval architecture and offshore engineering, metallurgy, and aeronautical, rocket and aerospace engineering. Beyond providing rigorous scientific education, this program is designed to forge stronger ties between doctoral studies and industry. One of its key objectives is to increase the number of awarded PhD degrees in the industry, fostering the growth of a knowledge-based industry and driving advancements in the field.

The collaborative efforts of our staff, engaged with numerous academic institutions in Croatia and internationally, as well as our industry partnerships, have significantly bolstered the Faculty's position within the international academic community and industry. Embracing the fundamental principles of leading technical universities worldwide, the Faculty integrates education and research to foster sustainable and innovative progress within the industry. The continuous enhancement of the Faculty's research outcomes is evident through the ever-increasing number of papers published in the esteemed international journals, the scale of cooperation with the economy, and the number of research projects on which the Faculty is a coordinator or partner. In order to more effectively transfer knowledge from the Faculty to industry, the Faculty established the Center for Technology Transfer d.o.o. in 1996. (CTT) whose strategic objective is to improve the Faculty's innovative contributions to sustainable development.

To stay updated on educational, research and innovation practices within modern Europe and the global academic community, we are committed to enhancing all areas by closely monitoring our implemented quality assurance system.



Prof. Zdenko Tonković, Ph.D.

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