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Aeronautical Engineering

Department of Aeronautical Engineering

About the Department of Aeronautical Engineering and its strategy

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering is involved in the coordination of the Aeronautical Engineering course at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, teaching in this course and it caters for various students’ activities at the Faculty.

The Department’s teaching staff and assistants teach a number of undergraduate and graduate study programmes in the Aeronautical Engineering course, such as aerodynamics and flight mechanics, flight vehicle design, flight vehicle guidance and control, dynamic and static analysis of aircraft structures, numerical methods in the analysis of aircraft and spacecraft structures, etc.

In the Aeronautical Engineering course, one of its kind in the Republic of Croatia, analyses of aircraft, helicopters, missiles and spacecraft are carried out.

The Department has significantly contributed to improvements in the scientific field of aeronautical, rocket and aerospace engineering by having initiated a new postgraduate doctoral study programme within the Aeronautical Engineering course at the Faculty. For the first time in Croatia, students are given an opportunity to gain a PhD title upon completion of the doctoral degree.

The Department is also involved in scientific and professional projects in aircraft and spacecraft structure dynamics, flight vehicle dynamics, numerical algorithms of multibody mechanics as well as in new computational and experimental methods in aerodynamics.

It is also engaged in the analysis of aircraft structure design components. Special emphasis is put on mechanics of composites and other advanced materials and research on structural health and design life of aircraft structures, using numerical methods in mechanical analysis of structures. In the long term, the Department’s mission is to initiate new projects, further improve teaching and, generally, contribute to further progress in the field of aeronautical engineering. Department’s website: www.fsb.unizg.hr/aero Portal for current and future students and alumni: www.fsb.unizg.hr/zrakoploving

Chairs and laboratories

Distinctive features

Being the only university department of aeronautical engineering in the Republic of Croatia, the Department strongly promotes research and teaching in collaboration with the key partners in the field – the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, the Ministry of Defence, Croatia Airlines, the Air Accidents Investigation Agency, Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, etc. In doing so, the Department has initiated a number of research and technology projects and carried out numerous professional studies. The Department, as an academic institution well-known for its excellence in international research, callobaorates with the most important institutes in the European Union and the USA in the fields of aeronautical engineering and computational mechanics.

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