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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FAMENA) has an almost century-old tradition – it is the successor to the Royal Technical College founded in 1919. Since then FAMENA has been one of the Croatian leading institutions in education, science and expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering and naval architecture, and for the last two decades in the field of aeronautical engineering too.

Generations of engineers have been taught effectively by the Faculty’s teaching staff, who are also responsible for carrying out lifelong learning programmes for experts who are in the forefront of the development of economy and can generate ideas for further development. The staff, who collaborate with numerous academic institutions in Croatia and abroad and with the industry, have undoubtedly contributed to a high standing the Faculty has in the international academic community and in the industry. With the aim of maintaining this good reputation and of achieving the best possible results in teaching, research and professional activities the Faculty has adopted its Development Strategy 2014-2025.

The teaching, research and professional activities include our recent achievements in the well-established fields (engineering design, naval architecture, aeronautical engineering, energy engineering, thermal and process engineering, IC engines and motor vehicles, manufacturing technologies, industrial engineering, materials engineering), and in the new and emerging fields of science and technology (computer engineering and simulations, mechatronics and robotics, medical engineering, nanotechnologies, military engineering, metrology, quality assurance and management).

Many Faculty's activities are carried out in the laboratories that are specialized for various fields. After years of continuous improvement six well-equipped laboratories are accredited to EN ISO and are holders of the Croatian national standards. About ten student associations are the Faculty’s valuable asset. Numerous extracurricular activities and projects offer the students the opportunity to apply theoretical fundamentals and academic skills acquired in the classroom in a real-world context. The Faculty supports and encourages students to participate in sports too, in particular within the sports association "Omega".

We firmly believe that „Mens sana in corpore sano“, as the Latin saying goes, means that participating in sports can help academic performance; at the same time, the spirit of competition in sports creates a sense of belonging to the Faculty. The Faculty is continuously improving the quality of teaching and learning. To keep abreast of the research and education processes in modern Europe and the world academic community we are going to secure improvement in all the areas by monitoring the implemented quality assurance system.

Dubravko Majetić

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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