The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Library, is an academic library whose primary purpose is to serve the Faculty’s educational and research goals providing IT and communication support through its collections of various resources and services.

Although primarily intended for the use of students and faculty, an open access is granted to visitors in search of specific literature or information related to the fields of mechanical engineering, naval architecture and aeronautical engineering.

Along with standard editions and reference resources, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, textbooks, lexicons etc, the Library holds principal collections of scientific and professional publications in technical sciences and comprehensive collections in the fields of mechanical engineering, naval architecture and aeronautical engineering.

It also provides the recommended subject specific reading and exam literature for other courses and study programmes taught at the Faculty, e.g. mathematics, physics, marketing, ecology, foreign languages etc. The Library is dedicated to continually growing and updating its collections.

Apart from book collections, the Library also provides access to various online databases, such as the Faculty’s catalogue and repository, Ebsco database, Web of Science, Scopus etc. In the Library students can find study spaces conducive to academic work.

The oldest book that the Library holds is a rare edition in engineering mechanics, Theatrum machinarum novum, written by G.A. Bőckler and published in Nűrnberg in 1673. It is a book bound in pigskin parchment that comprises 44 pages of the text written in Gothic script and 154 pages of prints (copper-plate engravings).
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