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Projekt: Sudjelovanje zgrada u sustavu pametnih mreža i tržištu energije

Istraživači: David Blum (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SAD), Tea Žakula, Leslie Norford (glavni istraživač, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SAD)

Sažetak projekta: In response to growing interest in the use of commercial building HVAC systems to provide electric grid ancillary services, the primary contributions of this research is the development of a framework for the quantification of variable costs associated with HVAC-provided ancillary services. All except one component of the costs result from trade-offs that exist between short-term energy consumption variations associated with ancillary service provision and longer-term energy usage associated with cost minimization. This idea is comparable to that of the LOC component of ancillary service costs experienced by conventional generators who must forgo energy profits in order to provide ancillary services.

Rad: Blum D., Zakula T., Norford L. 2015. Opportunity cost quantification for ancillary services provided by heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Volume PP, Issue 99.