Airplane Performance
Lectures + Exercises
Course code no.
ECTS points
2 + 2


Lecturer in charge:

dr. sc. Milan Vrdoljak


Course objective

Determination of basic equations that connect constructive characteristics and airplane performance.


Course contents

  • Airplane aerodynamic model
  • Lifting surface, control surface, normal force versus lift force, center of pressure,
  • Zero-lift drag: due to friction, drag due to pressure, base drag.
  • Drag due to lift, miscellaneous drag, ground effect, polar.
  • Normal force and its steady state gradients.
  • Pitching moment and its steady state gradients.
  • Propulsion force and moment
  • Static stability, neutral point
  • Steady state flight, load factor
  • Differential equations of steady state flight
  • Straight level flight, required and available thrust, range and endurance
  • Climb and descent
  • Horizontal turning, vertical turning.
  • Take off
  • Landing
  • Energy concepts for accelerated flight, flight envelope, optimal climb


Course materials

Recommended literature:

  • B. Pamadi: "Performance, Stability, Dynamics and Control of Airplanes", AIAA, Education Series 1998.
  • Rendulic Z. "Mehanika leta", Vojno-izdavački i novinarski centar, Beograd, 1987.


Lecture methods

  • lectures
  • individual exercises on personal computer or individual project



Two partial written (computer) exams or project and oral exam

Exam prerequests

  • Aerodynamics I


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