Airplane Stability and Control
Lectures + Exercises
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ECTS points
4 + 2


Lecturer in charge:

dr. sc. Milan Vrdoljak


Course objective

Explanation of airplane's constructive characteristics that influence its stability and control, in what way an to what extent, and how to improve stability and control with application of closed loop (guidance and control systems).


Course contents

  • Coordinate systems.
  • Side force and yawing moment.
  • Rolling moment and unsteady moments.
  • Static stability and control: longitudinal and lateral steady flight. Neutral point.
  • 6DOF model.
  • Linearization of the 6DOF model
  • Longitudinal modes of an airplane. Time domain response. Transfer functions.
  • Time domain response on impulse and step elevator input. Harmonic elevator input response. Open loop handling qualities requirements for longitudinal motion.
  • Lateral modes of a airplane. Transfer functions for aileron and rudder inputs. Time domain responses on impulse and step of aileron and rudder inputs. Open loop handling qualities requirements for lateral motion.
  • Methods for synthesis of guidance and control systems in state space.
  • Coordinate turn control system.
  • Height, speed and direction control systems.
  • VOR-coupled automatic tracking system. Optimal landing and take-off trajectory.
  • Inertial guidance systems.


Course materials

Recommended literature:

  • Etkin B., Reid L. D.; Dynamics o Flight - Stability and Control, John Wiley & Sons,INC. New York, 1996.
  • B.Pamadi: "Performance, Stability, Dynamics and Control of Airplanes", AIAA, Education Series 1998.
  •   D. McLean: "Automatic Flight Control Systems"; The Prentice Hall International, 1990.
  • Rendulić Z. "Mehanika leta", Vojno-izdavački i novinarski centar, Beograd, 1987.


Lecture methods

  • lectures
  • individual exercises on personal computer or individual project



Two partial written (computer) exams or project and oral exam

Exam prerequests

  • Airplane performance


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