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Na ovoj stranici koristimo kolačiće kako bi korisnici mogli pristupati svojim korisničkim računima te za potrebe analize pristupa fakultetskim stranicama. Nastavljanjem korištenja ove stranice pristajete na kolačiće.

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Independet chairs

Independent Chairs

Chair of Technical Foreign Languages

The teachers of the Chair of Technical Foreign Languages are: BA Brankica Bošnjak Terzić, senior lecturer (English and Information Science), PhD Olinka Breka, senior lecturer (English and Sociology), MSc Vesna Cigan, senior lecturer (English and German) and PhD Snježana Kereković, senior lecturer (English and German). The teachers are responsible for teaching technical and business foreign languages (English and German). In their undergraduate study students of mechanical engineering choose between the courses in Technical English or German, while all students of naval architecture and aeronautical engineering enrol on a course in technical English. Business foreign languages are offered by the Chair as an elective non-technical courses.

The courses focus equally on the linguistic aspect of the foreign technical language and on specific language skills which future engineer will need in the modern business environment (e.g. presenting a project or product, developing critical thinking, outlining the case, problem solving, writing summaries or CVs). The teachers have also compiled course materials and workbooks that are continuously being updated. In addition, the teachers are working on a new English textbook for students of mechanical engineering. Teaching activities are also supplemented by the materials that teachers continually prepare for the e-learning portal and are thus accessibleto students at all times and at every place.

Professional activities and research are carried out in the field of the foreign language of each particular profession (mechanical engineering, naval architecture and aeronautical engineering), where special attention is paid to the methods of teaching technical foreign languages, terminology and characteristics of technical texts in the foreign language. Other important fields of interest are language acquisition and student’s competence in communication skills. The teachers cooperate with other faculties, institutions and organisations in Croatia. Students of English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb attend the lectures of technical English language as a part of their English language methodology course. The cooperation with the publishing house školska knjiga is realized by organizing and holding invited lectures and workshops. Workshops primarily offer continuous training to teachers of English. The teachers collaborate also with publishersas reviewers and authors of textbooks and technical dictionaires. They also translate and proofread books, monographs, dictionaries, scientific and professional papers as well as summaries for several journals (Transactions of FAMENA, IRT 3000, Hrvatske vode).

Website of the Chair: www.fsb.unizg.hr/tehnicki_strani_jezici

Chair of Mathematics

The Chair of Mathematics is one of three independent chairs at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. The Chair staff are PhD Sanja Singer, full professor, PhD Jadranka Mićić Hot, associate professor, PhD Julije Jak šetić, assistant professor, MSc Petar Gregorek, lecturer, PhD Paola Glavan, Iva Kasum, mag.math., Ana Klobučar, mag.inf.et math., Neven Krajina, mag.inf.et math., Ivana Radi šić, mag.math. and Sa ša Stanko, mag.inf.et math. Teaching activities of the Chair are related to basic coursesin mathematics which are of vital importance for good understanding of engineering and are held at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. At the undergraduate study, mathematics is represented by the first and second-year courses in which the essentials of differential and integral calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, vector analysis, numerical mathematics and complex analysis are taught. At the graduate study the Chair holds two courses (Mathematics IX and Decision Theory) and the course in Numerical linear algebra at the postgraduate study, which gives PhD candidates better insight into modern methods of scientific, mostly matrix, computing.

Research activities of the Chair are broad. They deal with mathematical logic, theoretical computer science, functional analysis, non-equivalencies, algebra, applied mathematics and numerical mathematics and parallel processing. Members of the Chair are the members of many scientific seminars at PMF- Department of Mathematics. Members of the Chair are the members on the following research projects: HRZZ project 5435 (2014.–2018.) ‘Non-equivalencies and Applications’ (project members: J. Mićić Hot, J. Jak šetić) and HRZZ project IP–2014–09–3670 (2015.–2019.) ‘Factorisation of matrices and block-diagonal algorithms ‘ (project members: S. Singer, N. Krajina and S. Stanko). S. Singer and N. Krajina also collaborate on the bilateral German-Croatian research project ‘High-performance tensor contraction’ (2016–2017).

Chair of Physical Education

Teaching activities at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture have continuously been organized since 1982. The Chair staff are BA Željko Lukenda, senior lecturer and BA Nenad Zvonarek, senior lecturer. Teaching activities are organized in three programmes: basic, specialized and elective programmes. The programmes are conducted in a gym, outdoor facilities, and a swimming pool. The programmes have been devised as a result of students’ interests, existing facilities and the staff at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Basic programme

of physical education is carried out twice a week. It lasts 45-60 minutes. The students elect one or more offered programmes in order to meet their needs for physical activities and by doing so they also fill the required 60-hour-quote in an academic year.

Elective programme

of physical education is intended for senior students who, according to their own interest, select the course of Physical education as an elective subject, thus continuing the organized practice during their studies.

Specialized programmes

are intended for students who show special interests, and have more knowledge and skills in particular kinesiological activities. These programmes also involve students representing the Faculty at various university competitions.

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