Dr.sc. Igor Karšaj, Professor

1. Organizing Committee of 9th Annual meeting of Croatian Society of Mechanics, Zagreb, Croatia, July 11-12,(2019)

2. Memeber of organizing commitee of 6th Annual meeting of Croatian Society of Mechanics in Rijeka, Croatia, May 29 -30 2014, www.csm.hr

3. Co-organizer with Seungik Baek, Michigan State University, USA, of mini-symposium "Multiscale Mechanobiology" within 9th European Solid Mechanics Conference 2014, Madrid, Spain

4. Organizer of 5th Annual meeting of Croatian Society of Mechanics in Donja Stubica, Croatia, June 6-7 2013, csm.hr/extern_pages/peti-skup/index.htm

5. Co-organizer with Rudy Gleason, Georgia Tech University, USA, of mini-symposium "Growth and Remodeling of Soft Tissues: Theoretical Frameworks and Numerics" within European Solid Mechanics Conference 2012, Graz, Austria

6. Invited Lecture to Croatian Society of Mechanics I. Karšaj, L. Virag, "Numerical Modeling of AAA Enlarging", Slavonski brod, 2011, Croatia

7. Invited lecture to An Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (IAMCS) - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Sponsored Event "Modeling Biological materials: Soft Tissue and Biologically Inspired Materials", College Station, USA, 27 – 28 January 2010