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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
Continuum Mechanics
Damage and Fracture Mechanics
Engineering Mechanics I
Engineering Mechanics III
Fatigue of Materials and Structures
Finite Element Method
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
Introduction to Structural Analysis
Mechanics of Solids
Mechanics of Solids II
Mechanics of Structures
Nonlinear Numerical Analysis of Structures
Numerical Analysis of Structures
Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering I
Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
Numerical Simulation and Production Analysis
Selected Topics of Engineering Mechanics
Structural Analysis
Theory of Plasticity
Theory of Plasticity and Viscoelasticity
Doctoral Program
Continuum Mechanics
Fracture Mechanics
Mechanics of Inelastic Bodies
Numerical Methods in Mechanics
Numerical Methods in Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Numerical Modeling of Mechanical Structures
Plates and Shells
Theory of Plasticity
Theory of Viscoelasticity