Experimentally Supported Development of
Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Models (ExDAM)

Final presentation of the ExDAM project 29.04.2016. ---
Successful completion of the project has been presented by the project participants.
Video with a brief overview of the project i shown by the following link:

CSM presentation 14.05.2015. ---
On the FAMENA, held from CSM (Croatian Society of Mechanics), public lecture about simulation models, 14. May 2015:
- P. Ilinčić, M. Sjerić, R. Tomić - "Suvremeni termodinamički modeli izgaranja u motorima s unutarnjim izgaranjem"
was successfully presneted.

Conference presentation 16.04.2015. ---
On the JUMV International Automotive Conference, Belgrade, 14-15 April 2015, paper:
- M. Božić, A. Vučetić, P. Ilinčić, D. Kozarac, Z. Lulić - "Research Testbed for HCCI Engine" was successfully presneted.

Conference presentation 18.10.2014. ---
On the 47th International Symposium FUELS 2014, Šibenik, 16-17 October 2014, papers:
- M. Božić, A. Vučetić, Z. Lulić - "Determination of exhaust emissions from the internal combustion engine"
- A. Vučetić, M. Božić, Z. Lulić - "Emissions from Non-Road Mobile Machinery Engines"
- I. Taritaš - "The literature review on dual fuel diesel-natural gas combustion, emission and performance"
- R. Tomić, D. Kozarac, M. Sjerić, I. Taritaš, P. Ilinčić, Z. Lulić, G. Šagi - "The influence of fuel octane number on the potential for the reduction of fuel consumption in a spark-ignited engine"
were successfully presneted.

Testbed development 01.06.2014. ---
Construction of the fundaments for the experimental setup can be seen on the folowing link:
Experimental setup engine is placed on the test stand for further development:

Introductory lecture, presentation of the project 29.04.2013. Attachment
Project leaders held a plenary lecture on the project “Experimentally Supported Development of Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Models”.

Welcome to the project page 10.10.2013. ---
The site has been formed today. Project news will be regularly updated on this site by admin.




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