Project title:
Multiscale Numerical Modelling and Experimental Investigation of Ageing Processes in Sintered Structural Components - MultiSintAge - PZS-2019-02-4177

Cooperation Programme with Croatian Scientists in Diaspora „RESEARCH COOPERABILITY“

Project financing:
The Project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund, under the Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020, specific objective 10.II.3. “Improving the environment for Croatian researchers” of the Operational Programme.

Project duration:
1st November 2019 - 30th April 2023 (42 months)

Total value of project:
2.199.832,50 HRK

Project leader:
Dr. Zdenko Tonković, Full Professor
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Ivana Lučića 5
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: ++385 1 61 68 450
Fax: ++385 1 61 68 187
e-mail: zdenko.tonkovic@fsb.hr

Project Co-leader:
Dr. Nenad Gubeljak, Full Professor
University of Maribor
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Smetanova ul. 17
2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Phone: ++386 2 220 7661
e-mail: nenad.gubeljak@um.si