The Croatian currency is kuna (international currency code HRK, domestic code kn).

Croatian National Bank publishes daily exchange rate list for the major international currencies.

For obtaining cash, we advise you to use the local retail banks or cash dispensers (ATMs), which are available at the airport, the bus terminal, at the ports to the Old City and many other locations in the city.

In most places the major debit and credit card brands are accepted, but we advise you to have some cash available for cafés and public transportation.


Classical Mediterranean — daily mean temperature at the end of October is around 16 °C.

Croatian Meterological and Hydrological Service provides current weather data, 3-day forecasts, and 7-day forecasts.

Dining and sightseeing

Dubrovnik Card offers you a huge discount on many sightseeing activities and free public transport.

In order to help you in finding suitable restaurant here are Dubrovnik Tourist Board links:


By air

Dubrovnik Airport (Čilipi) is located 20 km south-east of the city center. Flight schedule to and from Dubrovnik airport is here.

Arrival from airport to Dubrovnik

Please read this guide for using the public transport.

Departure from Dubrovnik to airport

Please read this guide for using the public transport.

By road

Dubrovnik is the most southern major Croatian city and can be reached by bus from Split and Zagreb. Bus lines from many European cities are available, including Frankfurt (27 hrs), Trieste (15 hrs), Ljubljana (15 hrs), Sarajevo (6 hrs).

If you plan to drive to Dubrovnik yourself, please be advised that the Croatian motorways are paid for at the pay stations along the way. The local roads are free of charge.

Finding a parking space in Dubrovnik is very challenging, and the prices are high, so please do your research before choosing this option.

Please be prepared to cross Croatian–Bosnia and Herzegovina border, unless you take a "Ploče – Trpanj" ferry. Please consult Visa and ID card regime of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By ferry

Ferry trips to Dubrovnik from Bari (Italy) or Rijeka and Split are provided by Jadrolinija.

Passports & Visas

Visa is not required for most of the European and American countries for up to 3 months of stay. The citizens of the countries for which entry visa is required must apply at the Embassy or Consular Office of Croatia. A detailed info on the current passport and visa regulations and the list of countries for which a visa is required is available on the web site of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia. If you need a visa for your visit, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible!