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Sveučilište u Zagrebu
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Svečano porinuće "PEGULE"
Zagreb waterbike team 1999

Waterbike of FAMENA

The International Waterbike Regatta (IWR) and the University

Since IWR activities appear in our academic life, about ten years ago, they have substantially changed the atmosphere in study of naval architecture on the Faculty for mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zgreb. The education in shipbuilding becomes an exciting study in broader sense. And it is not only education, the study is now, thanks to waterbiking, also an efficient and entertaining way for interchange of versatile experiences in communication among colleagues from many universities. The design and construction of vessels is an outstanding method to check student’s engineering and managing capabilities. There is no better way for application of the theoretical background on practical problems. The practice of organising IWR on different places offers opportunities to acquaint new people and new countries. Moreover, by preparation for IWR, precious skills and useful practice have been gained by looking for sponsors, searching for support and solving organisational problems. IWR activities promote engineering studies and attract young people to join technical schools and faculties. The contacts among the teachers and students contribute to better co-operation among universities. There are so many benefits of waterbiking and not any disadvantage that IWR make all the enthusiasts very happy. The University of Zagreb, The Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and the Department for Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering accompanied by the Craoatian Association of Students of Naval Architecture strongly supports the waterbike activities.

  • Fair play, always and everywhere!
  • Interpretation of rules only by organizers
  • Rules can only be changed at the captains meeting
  • Boats have to be constructed and built by students
  • Dimensions do not have to extend 6 meters in length
  • Breadth has to be minor than length, always
  • Maximum draft 1.5 meters
  • Stored energy as batteries, springs, fly-wheels, etc., are not allowed.
  • All parts at the boat are allowed to change during regatta, but must be stored on board
  • Any changes have to be possible affloat
  • Repairs are alwas allowed
  • Every boat has the right to have a second start due to technical problems if it is possible for the regatta organizatioon to arrange, except in the long distance race

Hamburg TU

Team of FAMENA

Bremen 1996
Gdanjsk 1997
Delft 1998
Zagreb 1999
Flensburg 2000
Hamburg 2001
Genova 2002
Duisburg 2003
Berlin 2004
Bremen 2005
Istanbul 2006
Gdanjsk 2007
Zagreb - Jarun 2008