Danfoss - Postgraduate Program (PGP)
Danfoss is looking for master’s degree graduates from all over the world within different fields to join our Postgraduate Program (PGP). They are looking for candidates that hold a master's degree from years 2018, 2019 or 2020 and who are passionate in one of fields: Sales & Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain or Innovation.
The 2-year program is a full-time employment for soon to be, or new graduates looking to kick-start their career by embarking on an intense development journey. The program is built around four business-critical projects. Two of four projects will be abroad, providing our PGPs with global experience and insight. Moreover, the international scope of Danfoss and the program equips him/her to work with people from different cultures and professional backgrounds – they will also build an invaluable global network of expert colleagues and fellow postgraduates.
For more information about the program and applications please visit our PGP intranet page.
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Objavljeno: 4. veljače 2020.
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