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FSB on Research Culture in Higher Education in Kosovo
In the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Research Culture in Higher Education in Kosovo – ResearchCult”, Prof Lidija Ćurković with Prof Irena Žmak, responsible for the project management for the University of Zagreb, have organized the first Project Steering Committee Meeting on 23 November, 2020. The Project Workshop “Establishment of Scientific Journals and the Kosova Research Information System (KRIS)” was held on 24 and 25 November, 2020. Both events were organized online due to the current epidemic.

Prof Damir Boras, Rector of the University of Zagreb; Prof Miloš Judaš, Vice-Rector of the University of Zagreb; Prof Ivana Franić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia; a representative from the Ministry of Science, Education and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo; Prof Teodoro Valente, Vice-Rector of the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy; rectors and vice-rectors from all universities of Kosovo; Prof Mihone Kerolli Mustafa, Director of International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) and MSc Bujar Gallopeni, ResearchCult Project Coordinator from IBC-M have addressed the Project Steering Committee Meeting. The distinguished representatives and project members have agreed on establishing the bilateral agreement on science and research. 

More than 100 participants from Kosovo, Croatia, Italy and Bulgaria took part in the two-day online Workshop. During the Workshop four scientific journals established in Croatia in different scientific fields were presented by their respective editors: Prof Emeritus Kalman Žiha from the journal "Brodogradnja / Shipbuilding", Prof Bojan Jerbić from the "Transactions of FAMENA", Prof Marko Rogošić from the "Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly" and Prof Sanja Klempić Bogadi from the "Migracijske i etničke teme / Migration and Ethnic Themes". Also, Croatian scientific online databases were presented in detail by Prof Jadranka Stojanovski: CROSBI - A Tool for Monitoring Scientific Productivity, and HRČAK – Central Portal of Croatian Scientific Journals. The exemplary work of the online journal editing tool COMET, developed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture was presented by its creator Marko Ban, PhD. Online scientific databases from Italy and Bulgaria were also presented by their professors. On the second day of the workshop the participants discussed about the national standards and regulations for establishing new scientific journals. Participants were divided in six groups, each for establishing a new journal in a different scientific field.

All participants of the Project Steering Committee Meeting and the Project Workshop were very satisfied with the shared experiences from Croatia, which will be very useful for the implementation in establishment of new scientific journals and online scientific databases in Kosovo.
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