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ZagCorr - Zagreb Corrosion Summer School

Online, June - July 2022.

Organized by Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb and Croatian Society for Materials Protection

Purpose: Corrosion summer school is intended for both PhD students and practitioners from industry who want to learn more about corrosion and corrosion protection. Lecturers will present theoretical background and practical experience on selected corrosion issues.  


June 13th 
Corrosion basics and corrosion monitoring

Corrosion Basics
Case Studies – Failure Analyses  Examples 
Practical Calculations – Corrosion Rate Calculations, Reference Electrode Potential Calculations
Workshop – Polarization Measurements (Tafel Method, Polarization Resistance, LPR Monitoring Probe, Cyclic polarization)

June 20th
Corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitor Basics 
Case studies – Examples of Corrosion Inhibitor Applications
Practical Calculations – Calculation of Inhibitor Efficiency, Calculation of Inhibitor Consumption, Calculation of Inhibitor Synergy Factor
Workshop – Polarization Measurement and EIS Applied to Inhibitors, Analysis of the Results
and Inhibitor Mechanism

June 27th
Cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection General Principles  
Case Studies – CP Measurement Techniques and Equipment, Field Experience
Practical Calculations – Design of a Simple Galvanic and ICCP Systems
Calculations Including  Attenuation Equation

July 4th
Organic coatings

Organic Coatings Basics 
Case Studies – Test Methods for Organic Coating Systems
Workshop – Assessment of protective properties of organic coatings by EIS

July 11th 
Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Basics – Introduction to Grades, Properties and Corrosion Resistance, Forms of Corrosion on Stainless Steels
Case study – Failure Analysis – Various Examples of Stainless Steel Corrosion Failures from Practice; Selection and Application of Stainless Steels
Workshop – Standardized Laboratory and Industrial Test Methods of Passivation and Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels

Prof. dr. Sanja Martinez, Prof. dr. Vesna Alar, Prof. dr. Helena Otmacic Curkovic, Assist. Prof. Ivan Stojanovic, Prof. dr. Vinko Simunovic, Prof. dr. Ivan Juraga
Ivana Soic, mag.appl.chem, Ines Soljic, mag.appl.chem. Angela Kapitanovic, mag.ing.cheming., Lana Brkic, mag.ing.cheming., Marin Kurtela, mag.ing.aeroing.

Participants can choose between attending only selected one day courses or complete summer school program.
Price of the summer school:
PhD students: 1 day participation fee is 100€ (tax included), while for each additional day fee is reduced by 5%. Complete summer school attendance fee is 400€ (tax included).
Other participants: 1 day participation fee is 200€ (tax included), while for each additional day fee is reduced by 5%. Complete summer school attendance fee is 800€ (tax included).

Important dates:
Course dates: 13/06/2022 – 11/07/2022
Deadline for application: 31/05/2022
Payment due by: 06/06/2022

e-mail: recorr@fkit.hr
web page: www.recorr.eu/zagcorr

PhD students can obtain certificate with awarded ECTS points (expected 2 points). After each lecture day students will receive daily assessments, activities or knowledge checks. The tasks for all topics should be successfully completed within the week in order to gain ECTS points. 

Link: https://mailchi.mp/e73284beee14/zagcorr-zagreb-corrosion-summer-school-11344970?e=bd46a198cc
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