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Višeskalno numeričko modeliranje deformiranja materijala od makro do nanorazine

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Jurica Sorić
HRZZ - Croatian Science Foundation
Ukupni budžet
959.719,20 HRK
FSB udio
959.719,20 HRK
Početak - Kraj
2014. - 2018.
Many engineering materials as well as biological tissues have a heterogeneous structure particularly when they are observed at microlevel. In order to assess structural integrity as well as to predict structural lifetime, an analysis at microlevel is required. In recent years, a special attention has been directed to the investigation of relations between macroscopic properties of materials and their microstructure as well as to perform a link to atomistic scale. Since classical continuum mechanics cannot consider structural effects in the material at the micro- and nanolevel, multiscale techniques are developed that model material deformation responses at multiple levels using appropriate numerical procedures. Deformation responses of arteries will be considered by using multiscale computational strategy too. A special attention will be directed toward the mathematical modeling of arterial growth and remodeling, which could help physicians to track certain cardiovascular diseases and predict their development. For modeling of engineering materials, a new micro-macro numerical procedure based on the second-order computational homogenization approach employing nonlocal continuum theory will be proposed. Both finite element and meshless spatial discretization will be applied. The damage evaluation at the microlevel which may lead to macroscopic fracture will be modeled. Here the damage evaluation law based on the computational averaging procedure will be used and the modeling at atomistic scale will be performed in the very narrow domain of localization. In the atomistic modeling using molecular dynamics, a special attention will be directed to the coupling of atomistic domain with the discretized continuum domain. An approach inspired by the quasicontinuum and bridging domain will be proposed. All results of the research will be tested by the modeling deformation responses of realistic materials.
MB 3276546
OIB 22910368449
PIC 996827485
IBAN HR4723600001101346933

tel: +385 1 6168 222
fax: +385 1 6156 940
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