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Applied Mechanics

Department of Applied Mechanics

The Department teaches basic courses on undergraduate studies (at the first, second and third year of mechanical engineering, naval architecture and aeronautical engineering), as well as on graduate and postgraduate specialized and doctoral studies. The basic courses are: Mechanics I,
II and III, Strength of materials I and II, Structural mechanics, Mechanism theory, Vibration theory, Experimental mechanics, Finite element method and Biomechanics. The Department conducts researches and collaborates
with industry. The research results are applied to machine elements and mechanisms, whereby analytical, numerical and experimental methods are used.

The Chair of Mechanics and Strength of Materials carries out researches in the Laboratory for Numerical Mechanics. They include the development of numerical algorithms for the nonlinear analysis of structures. Original integration procedures for solving problems of isotropic and anisotropic plasticity under consideration of great and small deformations
have been developed. Furthermore, investigations are carried out in the field of numerical modelling of the process of biological tissue deformation. The aim is to develop constitutive models of blood vessels and bone tissues. Algorithms are developed by linking the analyses at the nanolevel with the considerations of continuum mechanics, where mostly the finite element method is applied. A new meshless numerical method has been developed in recent years. In addition, investigations in the field of fracture mechanics of polymeric materials and of modelling damage in bone tissue are conducted. The Chair continuously
applies analytical methods in setting mathematical models and solving problems in the field of plasticity theory, fracture mechanics, cracking and fatigue of materials and machine elements. The professional activities include solving complex problems of the strength and stability of the construction for industrial needs.

The research at the Chair of Experimental Mechanics deals with the development of experimental methods in the deformable body mechanics, damage mechanics and fracture mechanics. In the Experimental Mechanics Laboratory, besides the conventional method of tensometry, the optical experimental methods of photoelasticimetry, caustics, 3D-scanning and stereo photogrammetry are applied. The research results are applied in projects run in collaboration with industry in the area of design and mechanical testing of components of structures.

The research at the Chair of Applied Dynamics deals with the problems of dynamics, passive and active regulation of vibrations, optimisation of vibration systems and vibration isolation. Along with the set goals, numerical algorithms based on optimal and robust management, methods for convex optimisation and model order reduction are developed.

These researches are conducted through national and international scientific projects and collaboration with industry.
The Chair of Biomechanics and Ergonomics conducts research in the field of biomechanics and ergonomics and include: analysis, simulation and optimisation of human motion, analysis of load on the human musculoskeletal system, modelling, analysis and simulation in dental biomechanics, development of medical design and the application of ergonomic principles and methods development in order to integrate ergonomic criteria in the product development and design in general.



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