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Department of Quality

The Department of Quality was founded in 1998. The Department has been performing its activities through two chairs and three laboratories: Chair of Measurement and Control, Chair of Non-destructive Testing, Precision Length Measurement Laboratory, being also the National Laboratoryfor Length, Non-destructive Testing Laboratory and Laboratory for Acoustic Characteristics of Atmosphere.

The Department’s main tasks are: education, research activities and collaboration with economy in the field of metrology, testing and control, quality assurance and quality control. The Department staff give lectures in about forty basic and elective courses at all three levels of studies in mechanical engineering and in other studies at the Faculty and the University. Most of the teaching in the postgraduatedoctoral studies in mechanical engineering, naval architecture, aeronautical engineering and metallurgy are provided by the Department teachers within the doctoral programme Measurement in Mechanical Engineering.

In addition to courses in traditional fields of metrology, non-destructive testing, aeronautical systems and quality management, new knowledge needed for metrology and the quality of the future has been incorporated into the existing courses.

The activities of the Department chairs and laboratories include both research and collaboration with industry. In order to put research and knowledge to work for industrial needs and requirements, the staff of the Chair of Measurement and Control and of the Chair of Non-destructive Testingparticipate in research projects and disseminate knowledge through seminars and workshops addressing: the implementation of quality management system, the non-destructive testing and aeronautical systems, thestatistical modelling, the calibration of measurement devices, the validation of measurement uncertainties and the inter-laboratory comparisons.The Precision Length Measurement Laboratory, being also the National Laboratory for Length in the Republic of Croatia, is an accredited holder of the primary standard of length (Iodine-stabilized He-Ne laser) and of the national standards of length and surface roughness. The Laboratory assumed responsibility and obligation to ensure traceability in the Republic of Croatia to international standards of length, angle and surface roughness parameters. It has been accredited to the international standard ISO 17025 and has been providing services of the calibration of standards andmeasurement devices for length to many Croatian companies.

The Non-destructive Testing Laboratory has considerable and extensive experience, particularly in the field of ultrasound and radiographic testing methods. Its research activities are focused on the improvement of reliability of test methods.

The Laboratory also provides services in materials characterisation, expert analyses and the development and implementation of non-destructive testing of components in power and process plants, off-shore structures, pressure vessels as well as testing of artefacts.The Laboratory for Acoustic Characteristics of Atmosphere uses sensors and unmanned aircrafts for determining the acoustic characteristics of atmosphere slightly above the ground or at lower altitudes.

The Department’s distinctive activities include:

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