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Robotics and Production System Automation

Department of Robotics and Production System Automation

The Department of Robotics and Production System Automation is involved in extensive researc h and teaching activities in a wide variety of fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science, which include automation, robotics, mechatronics and biomechatronics, neuroprosthetics, electronics, electromechanical engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics, data processing, computer programming and artificial intelligence, production and assembly system design, packaging and disassembly as well as rapid prototyping.Research and teaching at the Department seek to develop advanced and innovative concepts in control of industrial, power and transport processes, sequential control systems, robots, as well as to apply energy-efficient devices and plants and highly-automated, intelligent and autonomoussytems in the production of material goods and in other economy sectors.Projects are carried out by implementing concurrent engineering, which encompasses integrated application of advanced approaches, methods and the CAD/CAE/CAM tools. They are used for a wide range of tasks: from product design and analysis, process design to system specification -engineering solution, including its control and programming, even to a detailed alignment of machines and equipment at the factory floor.



Distinctive features

The Department has always been the leader in the field of robotics in the Republic of Croatia, both in education and research. It conducts a number of courses at the Faculty and is in charge of two specialization programmes in the undergraduate and graduate studies, i.e. Mechatronicsand Robotics and Computer Engineering, that sixty students choose to enrol in every year. It is also in charge of the Mechatronics and Robotics postgraduate doctoral study as well as of the Assembly and Packaging professional specialization programme. In addition to fundamental theoretical knowledge and conventional programmes that they acquire and master through these courses, the students gain hand-on experiences in modern and comprehensively equipped laboratories, working together with the Deprtment’s staff. The Department’s continually encourages and enables the students to get involved in research.

A great number of research projects, funded by the government institutions, the European Union and industry, are conducted at the Department. A number of the Department’s members have been granted patents. The Department has been successfully collaborating with industry through professional and research projects in numerous fields, such as the design of products, processes, devices and systems, application and programming of the CA tools, programming of automatic devices, robotics, vision and haptic systems as well as in educating and training engineers. RONNA, a robotic system for assisting neurosurgeries , has been developed through a collaboration with the researchers at the Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Dubrava. In 2015 a surgery assisted with this system was performed for the first time in Croatia.

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