Welded Structures
Department of Welded Structures
The Department of Welded Structures was developed from the Department of Mechanical Technology, founded at High Technical School in the academic year 1922. The first head of the Department of Welded Structures, founded in 1958, was Professor Drago Kunstelj. Since 1997 the Departmentconsists of two chairs: Chair of Welded Structures and Chair of Materials Protection. The Department is concerned with the education of students at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. It is also involved in research. Several hundreds of students have obtained a Bachelor’sdegree; while several dozen have won their Master’s and about fifteen of them have been awarded their doctor’s degree at the Department. High level of theoretical teaching and practical part are conducted at well organised Welding Laboratory and Materials Protection Laboratory.

The Chair of Welded Structures

The Chair of Welded Structures is concerned with the students’ education and training for the EWE, EWT, EWS qualifications according to EWF programme. A number of significant projects have been carried out in cooperation with industry, as well as advancements made in the fabrication of structures using welding and related technologies. Since 1974 the Chairhas been accredited for carrying out the assessment of plants’ competence to fabricate welded structures in compliance with the established norms and standards. It employs 10 people, including researches, research associates and technical staff.The Chair of Welded Structures for many years fosters collaboration with industry which includes:
  • certification of welding procedure
  • certification of welders
  • testing weldability and development of welding technologies of different products and objects
  • supervision of welding operations in the fabrication of structures, such as bridges, storage tanks, pipelines, supporting structures
  • certification of the number of companies according to the HRN EN ISO 3834:2007, certification of plant production control according to the HRN EN 1090-1:2012 standard, certification according to the HRN EN 15085-2:2008 standard
  • education of welders, according to EWF programme, for the qualification of European welders in collaboration with Croatian Welding Society.
After the FSB-ZK Cert was founded in 2015, the Chair of Welded Structures becomes the body for Conformity Assessment of Construction Products(steel and aluminium structures).
Chair of Materials Protection

The Chair of Materials Protection, founded in 1961, has developed from the Welded Structures Laboratory. Professor Ivan Esih, PhD, was the initiator and was appointed the first head of the Chair for several decades. Both, the teaching and research activities are targeted at the study of complexcorrosion phenomena on metals and the methods for reducing the danger of corrosion damage.Besides, the Chair develops new knowledge in the areas of corrosion protection, and in particular in the areas of a new generation of industrial protective coatings and the reduction of their adverse environmental impact. Besides teaching, the Chair conducts researches and successfully cooperates with industry within which many issues that have caused corrosiondestruction have been solved and the validity of the research results have been proven in practice.Scientific and professional activities of the Chair have been confirmed by numerous contributions the experts of the Chair have made in this field. However, a special emphasis should be placed on the works in the analysis of corrosion damage causes in stainless welds, included in Corrosion Atlas,a seminal work in the field.In the past ten years, the Materials Protection Laboratory has been significantly upgraded through the acquisition of new testing equipment such as a chamber for testing in salt atmosphere, a humidity chamber, a UV chamber, a device for alternating submerging, stereo-microscope, portable XRF analyser of metals and polymers, a station for electrochemical corrosion testing. This equipment, along with the hardware, allows for a wide range of corrosion testing. The characterisation of corrosion processes at metal / electrolyte phase boundaries is performed by electrochemical impedancespectroscopy. The Laboratory is also equipped with the equipment for testing protective coatings in the laboratory and the field.Chairs
  • Chair of Welded Structures
  • Chair of Materials Protection
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